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Chapter 2 The Trial
Chapter 2: The Trial
As memories flooded into his mind, he heard a sharp bark from the Elven judge.
"Prince Alceaos!"
Swiftly, he looked up from his day dream. Alceaos stood in what was the same hall from 10 years ago, the great Keirstaag Hall. All around him were people. His people. The ones he swore to protect and serve as prince and one day King, staring at him. A few Elven guards stood as statues; 2 on each side of him and 4 in front of a makeshift a Judges podium.
The Great Hall was staggering, as tall as 200 feet and wide as 100. The floor was carved out of Terramite, a rock only found in Volcanos with pillars that shot up high above. The banner of Keirstaag was layed across the thrones of Alduin and his wife Keidayha. 'What is this?' Alceaos thought. 'Who allowed the banner fall onto father and mothers seat?'
He stood at his own trial shackled in chains made from Adamantium that shaped and caught the light in the room. They were heavy, dark steel braclets held down to the floor-
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A Short History of Terrasol
A Short History of Terrasol
by Stephen Lounsberry
The origin of Terrasol is one of mystery and intrigue; before the time of sophisticated Dragons that is known today. Only Elves, Humans, Dwarfs, and Orcs roamed about the great continent. Until a most unlikely Elf would perform an act that would forever ban him for paradise and condemn him to limbo. An action of pure benevolence that would ascend his status amongst Dragons today as a savior.
When man was young, newborn to the world he knew, the "Great Dragons" of ancient lore fought fearlessly against all that lived in Terrasol. Claiming Terrasol as theirs, they finally ascended from deep caverns and seas, mountains and forests, everywhere that a Dragon dwelled. Seeing the Elves as abusive of the Magic Energies that binded them to immortality, the empty greed of Man and Dwarf, and the dark brutality of the Orcs the great Dragon Lord Nova began a great purge. Unfortunately, Nova did not count on the Elves rallying the other prime races t
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Alceaos Profile
Name: Alceaos Beauregard Draken
Age: 22 (222 in human years)
Height: 5'11"
Weight: ???? (Looks to be 245lbs)
Race: Drake
Eye Color: Bright Azure
Hair Color/Style: Black, Long Spiky
Personality: While Alceaos is calm and reserved whenever dealing with royal business, he tends to be a bit of a hot-head at times. He has an addictive nature to lust, alcohol, and gambling. However, he keeps it all in check and is very knowledgeable of his choices. His loyalty to his people is unrivaled, even accepting a fate not his just to respect his peoples traditions. Alceaos is also a very smart and educated person, though you wouldn't know it if you talked to him. He is loud, comedic, and is social everywhere he goes. His sexuality is bisexual as he has stated "I have seen men so lecherous and beautiful, they rivaled even a womans beauty! Haha!" He gets in trouble for his merriment as he tends to act as if he weren't royal, almost carefree.
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Chapter 1 The Beginning
"Call of the Dragon"
Written by Stephen F. Lounsberry
Chapter 1: "The Beginning"
"Unfortunately, we live in dark times where it is wearisome to judge even your closest allies as honest. Let alone family. But my duty as King is to know what is true and what is false when men speak in my court." With his most prominent speaking voice, Aladus lectured his young son Alceaos.
The young boy sat upon his fathers lap, his 10-year-old eyes wandering about the great court of Castle Keirstag. Alceaos was uninterested with the speech, and wanted to play with his father more than he wanted another one of his boring speeches of being King. But sometimes his father commanded speech in such a way that would excite his boyish imagination --- he would listen to every word without missing a syllable. Weaving in between the lessons a story of his heroic triumph and saving the damsel in distress. Aladus always had a way of keeping true to the moral of the story when the ending came. But today he could only
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Something Between Us
Something Between Us anyway
By Alceaos
Fan-fiction for RainbowPandaSteph-Chan
Beyblade/Pairing: Kai Hiwatari x Stephanie
Rated: R
- Partial Nudity
- Heavy Romance
Chapter 1: This Morning
Today was just another day, Kai awoke as usual and found himself inside his room, in his bed. Alone and liking it. But some kind of force overwhelmed him today. He felt like he wanted something, it was a strange feeling. 'Hrm...' He thought as he moved his legs to the side of the almost untouched mattress. He rubbed his chest, a deep feeling was stirring there. He worried, if only for a moment, but then it subsided as he stretched out into a cat like yawn. 'I feel different today. Is there something wrong with me?'
He stood up, wearing only a white tank top and light blue boxers, and walked over to the mirror. He looked into his own eyes, the brown pools of utter intensity. The blue markings on his cheeks and his Azure flavored hair have been unchanged since heaven knows when. Rubbing his eyes, he coul
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Mature content
Haruki Take Two :iconalceaos:Alceaos 0 24
Mature content
HARUKI :iconalceaos:Alceaos 0 2
Mature content
Dragon Boned Chapter 3 :iconalceaos:Alceaos 0 24
Kasai Sakuraba
Name: Kasai Sakuraba
Age: 17
Clan: ???? (Someone help me pick one!!)
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 234 lbs.
Appearance: Neck-length, spiky, unruely hair (black with brown highlighted tips); bear ears (same color as base hair with brown coloring at the rim);  Hazel/brown eyes; Slender nose pointed straight with a slightly pudgy tip; Dark Azure hoodie with a white undershirt (Large red lettering across from the left corner to the right top corner, reading "MEEP"; long, slightly-baggy, Boot-cut, blue jeans; Wears black Converse sneakers.
Kekkei Genkai: (No idea...)
Special Powers: (Need help here too)
Teammates: (None...yet)
Significant Other: (Uhhhh...what?)
Friends: Doesn't play well with others.
Personality: Stolid, serious, kind, compassionate, quiet, short-tempered, violent, reclusive, polite.
Weaknesses: (haven't gotten to this yet...)
Strengths: Taijutsu; Open-palm based strike attacks; over-powering strength; highly resiliant to pain;
Enemies: (None yet...)
Style: Close-combat
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Mature content
Dragon Boned Chapter 2 :iconalceaos:Alceaos 0 6
Mature content
Dragon Boned Chapter 1 :iconalceaos:Alceaos 1 7


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A beginning?
Tarantula Tea
All stories start with "A dark and stormy night" or "Once upon a time." Well, my story doesn't start that way. Mine starts another way. Let's begin.
Rap-tap-tap-BOOM! She types away at the keyboard, trying to block out the thunder outside her window. No lights are on in the room, only the luminous glow of her computer in the dark. BOOM! More thunder startles her in her train of thought. Leaning back in her chair, she slips on her headphones to drown out any excess noise. Stopping for a moment, she reaches for her favorite rainbow colored mug and takes a sip.
"I wonder where he is", She thinks to herself.
Setting down the mug, she continues to write, distracting her from thinking about the thought further. She sits in the dark, typing faster and faster while time passes without notice. Her eyes get heavier with each letter she types until at last she falls asleep.
"Spring! Spring! Wake up! You're late for work!" yells her mother over the chirps of the robins'
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The History of Freilia
The History of Freilia
Part 1 ~ The Angels
There existed nothing in the void; nothing but pure conscious thought. Out of this void of thought and willpower came the one True God, who would come to be known by many names: The One, the God, and most commonly, the Architect. His word was final, and his power absolute.
From his word he formed creation: All that is, was, and ever shall be. In the center of this creation he created Heaven, and in the center of this Heaven a throne, the perfect chair to hold his Brilliance. He sat in this chair, and overlooked his creation. This creation needed more substance, something to exist within it, something similar to the One himself.
The Architect then spoke once more, and from his words formed the eighteen Angels, so beautiful they were, and so mighty. However, for as great these creatures were, they were dwarfed under the powers of the Architect, and yet they were so powerful and majestic that you, mortal, seem dwarfed by them.
The eighteen Angels
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Mature content
Headhunters :iconmichael-18:Michael-18 3 3
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Demon's temptation ch. 1
Dedicated to my friend Halvwyn, who was too afraid to write this herself <3
Chapter one- chance meetings
I walked through the hallway, my eyes lingering on the portraits of my deceased family. My mother and father's portraits were the latest addition to the gallery. Tears welled at the corners of my eyes. The portraits didn't do them justice. They were so alive; so young. I bit back the tears, convincing myself that crying would only encourage the rumors of the poor small, helpless girl who couldn't hold down the family business and cope with her parent's deaths. When I got to the stairs, Mae-rin ran up. "Good morning, Mistress! I'm afraid breakfast isn't ready yet, but if you would like, we have your favorite tea ready. Where will you take your meal this morning, miss?" "The drawing room," I replied, "I still have work to do from last week's sales conference. If you would, please have Tanaka bring the papers to me. And while you're doing that, please check on Bard and make sure he'
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Mature content
My Granddad The Zombie Slayer2 :iconvalcuria:Valcuria 0 1
Kalec Collab :iconmadrecrois:madrecrois 4 4 Brolly ID :iconbrolly-club:Brolly-Club 1 0 And you shall be judged.... :icontattooedbatman:Tattooedbatman 4 4 Khorne Demands Skulls... :icontattooedbatman:Tattooedbatman 9 6 Doll :icontigerstar-treehugger:Tigerstar-Treehugger 2 2 Haruki :icontigerstar-treehugger:Tigerstar-Treehugger 1 13



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Ooookay, let me explain why chapter 2 and 3 aren't up.

I decided to change the primary plot and add in some characters in order to fix some plot holes. I am trying to make sure that this series is created as seamlessly as possible so hold up until Saturday at the very least.

Tonight, I'll throw up a short story just because I said I would. :)

Also, I favor to ask you my watchers...if any of you are listening. I need help spreading the word about Call of The Dragon because I am as serious as I can be about this being my masterpiece. I need feedback, spell and grammar checks as well as plot critiques. Every bit of help is as much appreciated as humanly possible!

You will be rewarded...I am not sure how yet. But just know that I will keep you in mind. May not seem like a lot but I would like you to know my thanks in some way.


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